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An advisory and operational approach to growing businesses

Paterson Partners is the single Family Office of G. Scott Paterson. We are industry agnostic though we have a focus on early stage Technology, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Crypto and Media opportunities. 


We have four themes: 

  • Short and ​medium term, industry agnostic, capital gains focused opportunities 

  • Long term mid and large cap growth stocks 

  • Long term PE, Venture Funds, Money Managers  

  • Long term, active participation (Board role, Bus dev), in our core competency themes

Typically, in respect to our long term active participation investments we are Advisors (capital markets, corporate development, Board oversight and prioritization, compensation drivers) and we are active in Operations (open rolodex, business development). We believe this hands-on approach accelerates the success of our portfolio companies and, at the same time, allows us to build increasing confidence in management and the business' long term objectives. 


We are most interested in business opportunities that initially focus on the North American market yet have global potential. 

Focusing on early stage technology and media companies

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