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QYOU Media

Co-Founder, Chairman


FutureVault Inc.

Executive Chairman

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FutureVault is an industry-leading provider of secure document exchange and Digital Vault solutions for the financial services industry that enables institutions, advisors, and clients to manage information better, together. FutureVault offers a powerful white label solution that is pioneering a new business category called Personal Life Management. This transforms the way organizations manage, store, and deliver client documents and statements, onboard and retain clients, onboard and retain advisors, and manage compliance and audit readiness leading to significant operational efficiencies. By leveraging FutureVault’s technology, organizations save significant time and money in their day-to-day workflows.



Board Involvement


WonderFi provides investors with diversified investment exposure across the global digital asset ecosystem. With proven leadership team with track record of launching new products and obtaining applicable licenses to operate within the digital asset ecosystem.

One of the fastest growing creator-media companies, QYOU Media operates in India and the United States producing, distributing and monetizing content created by social media influencers and digital content stars. In India, under the flagship brand, The Q, they curate, produce and distribute premium content across television networks, VOD and OTT platforms, mobile phones, smart TV’s and app-based platforms. QYOU now has 5 emerging content destinations engaging over 125 million Indian households weekly – The Q (mass entertainment), Q Marathi (regional content), Q Kahaniyan (animated content), Q Comedistaan (comedy focused) and our latest Q-GameX (live gaming). Their influencer marketing company, Chtrbox, has been a pioneer in India’s creator economy, leveraging data to connect brands to the right social media influencers. In the United States, QYOU Media powers major film studios, game publishers and brands to create content and market via creators and influencers. Founded and created by industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV, Disney and Sony, QYOU Media’s millennial and Gen Z-focused content reaches more than one billion consumers around the world every month.

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Board Involvement

Combining the STARZ premium global subscription platform with world-class motion picture and television studio operations, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) brings a unique and varied portfolio of entertainment to consumers around the world. Its film, television, subscription, location-based entertainment and interactive games businesses are backed by a 17,000-title library and one of the largest collections of film and television franchises. A digital age company driven by its entrepreneurial culture and commitment to innovation, the Lionsgate brand is synonymous with bold, original, relatable entertainment for the audiences it serves worldwide. 

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Giftagram Inc.

Lead Director

Giftagram is a global gifting platform with tailored dashboards and marketplaces. Since 2014, Giftagram has been on a mission to make it easy for people to send beautiful gifts from coveted brands and 1000's of curated gifts. As the first platform where users could send a gift without a delivery address, it has expanded into a full-service solution for corporate gifting making it easier for businesses to send gifts at scale. With the Giftagram GiftCenter platform, easy integrations with CRM, HCM and SSO, reporting, gift order tracking and personalization, Giftagram helps businesses reward customer loyalty and show employee appreciation, connecting people worldwide.

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Board Involvement

VERSES is a cognitive computing company specializing in next generation AI and developer of KOSM™, the world's first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence.  KOSM generates a shared world model of contextualized data, policies, simulations, and workflows. Their mission is to build a smarter world that elevates human potential through innovations and technologies inspired by nature.

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